Rotary Screen And Digital Integrated Printing Machine

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It is consisted of 4 -8 color rotary screen printing unit and 1 set of stationary type with 4 color digital inkjet printing unit, it has 3 kinds of work modes:
1.rotary + digital mixing work mode :adopt the advantage from the rotary screen and digital to product,such as use the rotary screen to print the colorful 、large are 、mucilage、pearlescent paste、 coating and other special inkjet cannot do;the digital inkjet to print the color and layering enrich、 high effect of moire. So the mixing type can print the color and layering enrich、colorful and special ink,has high output and low cost.
2.Digital inkjet printing work mode:used digital inkjet printing mode,no need to creating net,the production quickly, color and layering enrich
3.Rotary screen printing work mode:the high speed and lower cost.
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