WP Wall Paper Printing Machine

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The machine is suitable for medium and high grade wallpaper with the type of rotary screen printing and intaglio printing. Also, it can make flexographic printing . The machine is the best-equipped and fully functional wallpaper printing production line in the country at present, it has a lot of functions such as coating, printing, dropping seeds, flocking, foaming, coining.

Technical characteristics and features of production line:
1.Every printing unit will equip 2 sets of foundation bed which can install rotary screen, intaglio or flexography  roller separately. During production, three type can be switched freely.
2.Matched with particle spraying, flocking, foaming, emboss etc unit, which can be free selection to reach various production of wallpaper,
3.Drying 、blowing oven adopt hot air circulation style, which ensures uniform temperature and accurate temperature control.
4.The machine adopt servo driven and auto-alignment system, guaranteed the register precision and stable running.
5.The machine adopts several measures to reduce energy consumption, make full use of heat recovery, make the production energy consumption to a minimum.
6.Can achieve 3 colors of flocking and 2 colors of printing composite wallpaper production process.
7.Can achieve online sets of embossing process.

The production line has a number of independent intellectual property rights and patent technology: 
Tension of the net device and horizontal registration device
Charging flocking system and multicolor flocking
Pump and scraper, screen washing circulation device
Coating ink cooling recycle in exhaust port.
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