2010:get the title of "star of china textile machinery""fujian province famous trademark"
2009:"30 years of reform and opening up to promote the chinese textile industrial upgrading major technical progress"、"fujian province top products"
2008: set up "printing equipment technology research and development center"; DH series flat screen printing machine; won the recommended products for energy conservation and emissions reduction;
2007: successfully developed and began selling caidie series rotary screen printing machine;take part in the editing of rotary screen printing machine standard;“fujian province high-tech enterprise”
2005:successfully trial-produced BKS tricot warp knitting machine
2004: through the ISO14001 environment management system certificate;successfully development and began selling caihong series rotary screen printing machine;successfully drial-produced GE296 raschel warp knitting machine
2003:through ISO9001qualitymanagementsystemcertificate
1999:successfully drial-produced 2188 series rotary screen printing machine
1997: jilong machine industry co.,ltd was set up;successful development and start selling auxiliary machine.1
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